OFBiz General Setup

Setup your Company Record

Select Applications-Party-Create New Party Group

Enter Party Id "Company", Enter Group Name "Your Company, Inc." , Select Currency, Save

Enter Postal Address, Save

Select Company, Select Update, Add Purposes(Primary Address, Shipping Origin, Shipping Destination), Save ***Note: May not need to be done yet.

Select Company, Select Rolls, Add Roll-Internal Organization, Save


Create Top Level General Ledger Accounts (Bug - No way to enter GlAccountId manually so I say a add account first via Web Tools and then clean up) - (Real Problem is when you go to lookup an account it shows some bogus number and not the real GL account number. It's very confusing. The OFBiz folks say to create custom seed data or hugely modify the demo data. That's great for a large implementation, but for some smaller company it is far easier to just use the Web Tools method and manually add the GL account.) Discussion: http://ofbiz.135035.n4.nabble.com/Need-help-adding-a-GL-account-td4717523.html

Click on Web Tools - Entity Data Maintenance - G- GlAccount

Click on Create New

Add Top Level Accounts - GlAccountId, accountCode, accountName

1000, 1000, Assets - Click Create

2000, 2000, Liabilities - Click Create

3000, 3000, Owners Equity and Net Worth - Click Create

4000, 4000, Sales - Click Create

5000, 5,000, Cost of Goods Sold - Click Create

6000, 6000, Expenses - Click Create

7000, 7000, Other Expenses - Click Create

8000, 8000, Other Income- Click Create

8200, 8200, Other Expenses - Click Create

8500, 8500, Net Income - Click Create

9000, 9000, Income Tax - Click Create

(Now Update all Accounts with Proper Info)

Select Application-Accounting-Accounting Manager-Global GL Settings

Then Enter Gl Account Type, GL Account Class Id, Gl Resource Type Id, Account Code, Account Name

Not Applicable, Asset, Money, 1000, Assets - Click Add

Not Applicable, Liability, Money, 2000, Liabilities - Click Add

Not Applicable, Equity, Money, 3000, Owners Equity and Net Worth - Click Add

Not Applicable, Revenue, Money, 4000, Sales - Click Add

Not Applicable, Cost of Goods Sold, Money, 5000, Cost of Goods Sold - Click Add

Not Applicable, Expense, Money, 6000, Expenses - Click Add

Not Applicable, Selling, General, and Administrative Expense, Money, 7000, Other Expenses - Click Add

Not Applicable, Income, Money, 8000, Other Income- Click Add

Not Applicable, Cash Expense, Money, 8200, Other Expenses - Click Add

Profit Loss, Debit, Money, 8500, Net Income - Click Add

Not Applicable, Non-Posting, Money, 9000, Income Tax - Click Add

Need to Review Account Classes Ref: https://www.hotwaxsystems.com/ofbiz/ofbiz-tutorial-charts-of-accounts/

Create Sub-level GL Accounts (Start with bug process in Top Level accounts above)

Assets - Petty Cash, Checking, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Security Deposits

Liabilities - Accounts Payable, Credit Card, Sales Tax Liabilities, Direct Deposit Clearing, Payroll

Equity - Draws, Owners Equity, Opening Balance

Revenue - Sales Revenues, Shipping,

Cost of Goods Sold -Cost of Goods Sold, Labor, Freight & Shipping, Merchant Account Fees,

Expenses - Advertising, Automotive, Bank Charges, Computers, Dues & Subscriptions, Education & Training, Gifts, Human Resources, Insurance, Interest Expense, Meals & Entertainment, Miscellaneous, Office Supplies, G&A Payroll, Professional Fees, Rent, Repairs & Maintenance, Telephone, Travel, Utilities,

Need to set up account numbers and add.

Create new Organizational Accounting Company

Select Accounting, Organization GL Settings, Create New Accounting Company


Select Accounting - Organization GL Settings -GL Accounts Default - GL Account Type Defaults (Need to check out Product, FinAccount, Sales Invoice etc...)

Review Refund Payment Method Id, Error GL Journal Id. Something needs to be done before this step.

Click Add

Assign Global GL Accounts to Party Id "Your Company, Inc."

Select Accounting - Global GL Settings - Assign GL Account

Needs to be completed.

Add Facility -Bug(Can't manually add Facility Id) Work around - Go to Web Tools - Entity Data Maintenance - F - Facility

Select Create New

Enter facilityId=F_YourHQ

Enter facilityName=Your Company HQ Name

Click on Create

Select Facility-Facility Id - Submit

Select and Enter Facility Type Id, Owner, Default Inventory Item Type=Non-Serialized, Name=Your Company Name, Area, Area Unit=Square Foot, Default Days to Ship=1

Click on Update

Add Product Store

Select Catalog-Stores-Create New Store

Create Category Tree

Create Products

Add Supplier