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Website Started November 2019 I think.

These are my personal notes as I go through the installation process of setting up OFBiz on an AWS t2.micro server.  I first started with OFBiz in 2002 and loved the data dictionary that Len Silverston put together in the 2 volume set "The Data Model Resource Book"  I would download the OFBiz software and work with it a little and put it away for a while.  Download it again, work with it and then put it away for a while.  Each time learning a bit more.  Well I am back at it again because I would like to use it for my Ruffian Specialties business.  Ruffian is currently running Magento 2 and being hosted by Magemojo / Webscale.  Ruffian uses Magento for the front end and then manually enters each order into Quickbooks for accounting and Norada Solve360 for contact management on the backend.  We do not have any Bill of Materials, perpetual or integrated inventory, wholesale & retail pricing integrated into the system or any other system to manage manufacturing resource planning.  In essence it is all in my head and we run by the seat of my pants method.  I put this site together in hopes that I would remember what I have done and why.  I hope others find it useful.

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Novurania 400 DL Dinghy Fuel Tank Replacement

For those of you with the infamous fuel tank leak in your Novurania dinghy this is how to have it professionally replaced.